Trust Msowoya


A multi-talented pianist, Music Arranger, Composer and Music director, Trust Msowoya is a young 25-year-old Malawian who is skilled musically. Trust first came to the music lime light in 2006. With 14 years of a music career under his belt, Trust has worked with great names in the Malawian music industry such as: FAITH MUSSA, SAMUEL MJURA, RUDO CHAWERA, MARLYN CHAWERA CHIMOMBO, AUBREY WENYA BANDA, THIS MOUNTAIN, DESTINY GROUP, THE FRONTIERS, KHETWAYO, JAY JOSH, GABRIEL SIMENTI, PAUL KACHALA, JEREMIAH CHIGWENEMBE and many more. With a great ear for music, a hard-working spirit, Trust is easily one of the best pianists Malawi has to offer.


Aside from Music, Trust is a holder of a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and is a founder of LIVE YOUR DREAM Foundation which is an entity he started to educate, invest in and inspire the youth and women for entrepreneurship.