Tikvah Hope Msowoya


Tikvah Hope Msowoya is a Business Mogul Based in Malawi.

His the Founder of DBR Holdings, DBR Studios, part Owner of Muc contractors, and Founder of Global Connect trading.

His Passion for Music comes from His Family back ground, His father owning a Household Band WinnerBand in the 90s. He grew up in the Musical Circles and Since then His Passion and drive has been to change the Music Industry in Malawi & promote it to be Competitive on the International Scene.

His Focus is to Export & Brand the Malawian Heritage, Malawian Arts (Expecially music) to the Globe Market through the Platforms and Networking He has & thats how DBR Studios was Created.

His Inspiration and Role Model is Shawn Carter (Jay Z) whom he follows his Blueprint in how to Run the Music Business.

Tikvah’s Dream is to make Malawian Artists’ Dreams Come true through DBR Studios.
He calls on everyone with an Artistic Talent to Dream for the sky is not even the Limit, To Believe in that Dream no matter the cost & Time & just like Him in an appointed Time One will Receive what they have been Hoping For.

This is why He called the Studio DBR Studios